Inventory Schedule: February - Green. March – Black, Black on Black. April - 11" black tips in both white and black boxes. Matches in the white boxes are from a different manufacturer than the decorative boxes, and the matches are not the same size. We are slowly phasing out the decorative boxes from HomArt and will create our own designs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE US POSTAL SERVICE IS STILL VERY DELAYED RIGHT NOW, EVEN WITH PRIORITY EXPRESS SHIPPING. WE SHIP OUT ASAP, BUT PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL TIME FOR YOUR PACKAGES BE SCANNED AS "ACCEPTED". SOMETIMES THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. ALSO MANY PACKAGES ARE SCANNED AS "DELIVERED" BUT SHOW UP DAYS LATER. THE NEXT MOST ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE SHIPPING METHOD IS UPS GROUND. MONITOR YOUR TRACKING LINKS CLOSELY AND ALERT US OF ANY DELAYS.

Mini Vase Glass Match Holder - Heart Striker


· 12 ounces
· 3"H x 3"W x 1.5"D
· Includes 2" safety matches
· Includes replacement strikers
· No two match holders are alike due to natural variations in the glass pouring process.

Strike a Match is line of modern match holders and match strikers designed for people who enjoy using MATCHES to light their candles, incense, cigars, and other favorite things to relax and enjoy life.

Our simple yet elegant glass match holder keeps your matches handy and blends in with any decor. Plus, it functions as a match striker. That shape on the front? It's REAL match friction. Think of it as a glass matchbox. Just strike your match against it and light up. Also, at 12 ounces, this vase has a very nice weight, feels great when you hold it, and can easily be re-purposed to hold jewelry, decorative beads or stones, paper clips, or any number of things.

Think ahead. This is the ULTIMATE stocking stuffer! What do you give to the person who has everything? Matchsticks, of course!

Gift Ideas:
Thank You
Bridal Party
New Neighbor
New Member
Silent Auction
Raffle Item
Real Estate Closing
Customer Appreciation
Employee Appreciation

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