Collection: Match Striker Shapes

Get rid of that ugly matchbox or lighter that you've got sitting next to your pretty candles, incense, cigars, and fireplaces. Grab a cute container, put your matchsticks in it, and stick on one of our adhesive match strikers.

These work perfectly as replacement strikers for fireplace matchstick containers, as well as cool strike pads for DIY match holders, wedding favors, theatre productions, magicians' props, custom matchbooks, camping supplies, survival kits, emergency kits, gas stove accessories, fireplace accents, antique repairs, and more. Keep them for yourself, make some for your friends, design some impressive wedding favors, delight your clients, sell some online, whatever!

With our adhesive match striker shapes, you can turn almost any container into a matchstick holder or any surface into a match striker.

  • Easy-to-peel adhesive backing adheres best to paper surfaces.
  • It is natural for the match striker shapes to have small spots or scratches.
  • Match striker shapes are cut from sheets of match strike paper, exactly what is used on matchboxes and matchbooks everywhere.
  • The material is thin and can tear easily. You may need to use a sharp edge, like scissors or tweezers, to peel the adhesive backing off.
  • Works best with your typical strike-on-box safety matches. You can also use strike-anywhere matches, but they tend to require more strikes.

Customers tend to get mixed results when sticking the match striker shapes onto glass, metal, wood, or other non-paper surfaces. Be prepared to use additional glue, such as Elmer's or Gorilla Glue. Please try our sample strips before purchasing a large quantity.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on our matchsticks and match strike paper.