Match Strike Paper


Our match strike paper comes directly from matchstick manufacturers in China. It is the exact same material used on matchboxes and matchbooks. It is not sandpaper, and it is not waterproof. It is real match friction composed of phosphorous. The paper can be easily cut with scissors, xacto knives, paper punches, paper cutters, etc., and they all have adhesive backing that can be peeled off.  Note that they often leave a residue when handling them, so wash your hands thoroughly after each use. 

Match striker sheets come in variants of black/dark gray, brown, and honeycomb (dotted) pattern. The material has natural imperfections, especially around the edges, but some have more than others. Price is determined by the categories below, which are based solely on appearance, not function.

PREMIUM/Gold/Excellent sheets are generally smooth with consistent color, with few blemishes. They are the best of bunch, but when they're gone, they're gone - until I order new inventory, which is usually twice per year.

PLUS/Silver/Good sheets have some spots or blemishes but are easily ignored or can be cut around. They are ideal for most craft projects. Similar to premium sheets, they are in limited supply.

BASIC/Bronze/Fair sheets have more noticeable blemishes, but they work just fine. Most sheets look like these and are also ideal for most craft projects. Examples of blemishes: an overall grainy quality or inconsistent color, smudges, streaks, spots, discoloration, creases, tears.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on our matchsticks and match strike paper.