5 Reasons Why Matchsticks Are Still Enjoyed Every Day

5 Reasons Why Matchsticks Are Still Enjoyed Every Day

The Popularity of the Matchstick Endures

When you think of modern times and luxuries, the word ‘matchstick’ generally doesn’t come to mind.  Matchsticks have been around for over 100 years, and believe it or not, lots of people still use them, even strongly preferring them to lighters. After all this time, there’s still just something satisfying about striking a match.

I’ve been in the matchstick business for 8 years, and below are some responses from my Matchstick Survey that I send to customers after they purchase, explaining why so many people people still use matchsticks, often preferring them to lighters. I have grouped them into 5 major categories: the smell, the ease of use, nostalgia, aesthetic, and a general dislike of lighters.


  1. The smell
  • I like the smell. Reminds me of sitting by a fire.
  • Matches are just cool. Striking a flame and watching the tiny piece of wood burn.  Nice smell.
  • I love the tactile feeling and the scent of striking matches.
  • Striking and the smell helps rooms smell better
  • When I want to burn something to remove odors.
  • They look nicer and I like how they smell


matchstick burning with smoke going up



  1. Ease of Use / Reliable / Safety
  • It is much easier and safer given the reach inside a used candle. In addition, I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging and like to display the match box when children aren’t around.
  • Most of what I light like candles light better with matchsticks.
  • They are a lot easier to use and they don’t hurt your hands
  • Matches smell & look nice, and are generally easier to use than lighters.
  • I use match sticks for lighting candles. I generally do not own lighters. I had one once but I never refilled the lighter fluid and I don't know what happened to it. Also, I have a bit of nostalgia for matches.
  • Just love the convenience for votive candles.
  • They are fun to use.
  • I can angle the matches without immediately burning my fingers, which is useful when lighting an almost used up jar candle.
  • They're tried and true and convenient
  • Safety of distance from explosive material
  • They smell good. Also, holding down a lighter while lighting a candle can burn my fingers
  • I don't smoke and I don't like keeping lighters around. I also have children around and they know not to mess with matchsticks and would be more apt to mess with a lighter.
  • Kids can’t strike the matches as easy as they can the lighter.
  • You can hold a match in many directions without burning yourself. A lighter isn't that nimble.


  1. Nostalgia / Old-Fashioned / Traditional / Old World Feel / Ritual
  • I like the ritual of using matchsticks. Its sexier.
  • I like the sound and the smell of matches. They have character.
  • I like the feel of lighting a match
  • I like the way they look and feel.
  • I just love the natural way
  • It does not overheat the foot of the cigar that is being lighted, and the ceremony of using the cigar gives more pleasure to smoking it.


  1. Aesthetic, especially if the matchbox has a decorative design
  • I like the ambiance of using matches and having matches around.
  • You can have a decorative container of matches near a candle to light vs. a lighter.
  • I love the smell and recently got a decorative jar of matches that I like to use.
  • Nicer to give as gifts with candles


matchbox with curious cat design


  1. Dislike of lighters
  • I don’t like lighters laying around. Matchsticks seem more whimsical.
  • There is something aesthetic about the flame and wood of a match that I love. I also don't like the plastic of the lighter and as often as it says "refillable" it never seems to work.
  • I have never owned a lighter.
  • Lighters look trashy.
  • Lighters tend to be ugly and unreliable.
  • They are cheaper to purchase and are made of more natural materials
  • I mostly use matches in the bathroom and a lighter just does not work to neutralize odors.
  • Often lighters are fickle and cannot hold a flame for whatever reason. I also have difficulty lighting old, low candles with anything other than a match.
  • Lighter can’t get down into a candle. And they aren't always easy to light... I love striking a match. (Unless the strike paper is worn out) lol
  • Lighters turn the container black/emit black substance
  • Less waste with matchsticks. Plastic cable lighters don’t last as long as a large box of matches; they cost more & they add to landfills.
  • No need for fuel or refueling, doesn't use plastic in the product.
  • Don't like having to refill lighters/buy new ones when they run out of fuel
  • They appear more organic than a plastic and metal lighter. In service, we try to evoke a connection to the planet.
  • You can get very long matchsticks which are safer and can light the fire from a distance. Lighters are clumsy.
  • I prefer matchsticks to small lighters because it’s easier to reach into a candle opening.
  • I don’t have to refill lighter fluid
  • Matchsticks are cooler to me and you don’t have to worry about oil
  • I like the smell of the matchsticks over lighters and as long as you have a place to strike it on for it to light, it doesn't give up and quit on you.
  • Don't like the smell of lighters
  • The butane lighters are difficult for me to work the switch. Secondly, difficult to refill. I thought I'd bought reliable butane lighters only to find they are not reliable and difficult to get to work. Could be that my fingers are getting weak. However, the butane lighters are just too frustrating to use time after time.
  • Like the look of matches and don't like lighter fluid.
  • Don't like the gas
  • I like the look of matchsticks in our gift sets over the look of lighters. We ship orders as well and shipping lighters is a hazard.


store display of lighters and lighter fluid

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