Inventory Schedule: February - Green. March – Black, Black on Black. April - 11" black tips in both white and black boxes. Matches in the white boxes are from a different manufacturer than the decorative boxes, and the matches are not the same size. We are slowly phasing out the decorative boxes from HomArt and will create our own designs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE US POSTAL SERVICE IS STILL VERY DELAYED RIGHT NOW, EVEN WITH PRIORITY EXPRESS SHIPPING. WE SHIP OUT ASAP, BUT PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL TIME FOR YOUR PACKAGES BE SCANNED AS "ACCEPTED". SOMETIMES THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. ALSO MANY PACKAGES ARE SCANNED AS "DELIVERED" BUT SHOW UP DAYS LATER. THE NEXT MOST ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE SHIPPING METHOD IS UPS GROUND. MONITOR YOUR TRACKING LINKS CLOSELY AND ALERT US OF ANY DELAYS.

Wellness PPE Kit


Convenient on-the-go kit of personal protection equipment for everyday use, travel, camping, medical, and emergency use. Have ideas for other things that would be valuable? Let us know, and we will add more items based on customer demand.

Each kit contains:

(Brands/colors may change.)

1 travel size hand sanitizer

1 travel size pack of tissues

1 travel size lotion

1 full size body wipe

2 small face wipes in lavender and lemon

1 pair of rubber gloves

1 pair of shoe covers

1 heavy duty face mask in black

5 lightweight face masks in blue



Choose your bag:

Clear with red trim

Clear with black trim

Red lightweight satchel