Fireplace Matchstick Holder - 10" x 3" Cylinder - White Match Tips


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Strike a Match is line of modern match holders and match strikers designed for people who enjoy using MATCHES to light their candles, incense, cigars, and other favorite things to relax and enjoy life. Our glass match holders keep your matches handy, blend in with any decor, and they are functional. That shape on the front is a REAL match striker. Think of it as a glass matchbox. Just strike your match against it and light up. This line of extra tall vases comes with safety matches with black or white tips for now, but we will eventually have other colors like white, pink, yellow, etc. Perfect for lighting fires in your fireplace or toasting cigars. This is the gift you give to that person who has everything.

· 10" H x 3" W
· 3 lb 9 oz (5 lbs when packaged)
· Includes replacement strikers
· Includes extra long 11" safety matches
· Matches can break easily, so strike gently, holding them from the middle.

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