4" Matchsticks - White - Loose


Long 4 inch matchsticks for lighting whatever you desire with ease - candles, incense, cigars, fireplaces, gas stoves, grills - or creating matchstick jars for your friends or customers.

Sold in sets of 50 matchsticks.

1 or 2 sets will be packed in a plastic baggie as shown.

3 or more sets will be bunched in groups of 50, tied with clear plastic bands.


I'm glad to provide this service, as it has been requested many times. However, please note that it takes additional time to provide loose matchsticks.

It's not just a simple case of opening the matchboxes and bunching the matchsticks together.

Each box does not have the same quantity of matchsticks, and in many cases, not even the same hue (varies from bright to dull, light to dark, etc.)

I have to quality check for length and color, remove broken pieces, manually count and reorganize the matchsticks, and then repackage them.

Bottom line, you're paying for my time as well as the matchsticks themselves.

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