4" Matchsticks - Black - Loose


Each bag has an average of 50 matchsticks, just like the boxes.

Length is approximate. Sometimes the matchsticks are a tad shorter than 4".

Stems tend to break easily, so strike gently, holding them from the middle.

I do not make these matches and therefore cannot customize them (cut them down to a specific size or change the color). They are imported from India.

These are the same matches that were in the plain white matchboxes. We have removed the shrink wrapping, opened the boxes, and put the matches into plastic bags.

Please note that this is a service we are offering due to customer demand. Matches are not manufactured and shipped to us as "loose". They are always in matchboxes, so it takes additional time and labor to provide them to you as "loose".

Ships from Atlanta, GA, usually via the US postal service. Be on the lookout for your red bubble pouch.

You also have the option of just having them rubber-banded together in bunches instead of plastic bags. If you have a preference, just indicate it in the Notes to Seller section when you check out.

I DO NOT offer bulk rates or discounts on the loose matchsticks due to additional time involved to unwrap, open, and repackage them.

However, I do offer a discount on the *unopened* plain white matchboxes:

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