Inventory Schedule: February - Green. March – Black, Black on Black. April - 11" black tips in both white and black boxes. Matches in the white boxes are from a different manufacturer than the decorative boxes, and the matches are not the same size. We are slowly phasing out the decorative boxes from HomArt and will create our own designs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE US POSTAL SERVICE IS STILL VERY DELAYED RIGHT NOW, EVEN WITH PRIORITY EXPRESS SHIPPING. WE SHIP OUT ASAP, BUT PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL TIME FOR YOUR PACKAGES BE SCANNED AS "ACCEPTED". SOMETIMES THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. ALSO MANY PACKAGES ARE SCANNED AS "DELIVERED" BUT SHOW UP DAYS LATER. THE NEXT MOST ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE SHIPPING METHOD IS UPS GROUND. MONITOR YOUR TRACKING LINKS CLOSELY AND ALERT US OF ANY DELAYS.

Match Strike Paper - Basic


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The adhesive backing sticks well to paper surfaces, but customers tend to get mixed results with glass, metal, wood, or other surfaces. Start with a small quantity first, and be prepared to use additional adhesive like craft glue (any brand), glue dots, or double-sided tape. Try out samples before purchasing a large quantity.


Price is per sheet; the image shows 3 sheets only to show color options


* Approximately 8" x 11"
* Adhesive backing sticks best to paper surfaces.
* You may need to use a sharp edge to peel the adhesive backing off.
* Material also leaves a light residue so wash hands thoroughly after each use.
* Both the match strike paper and adhesive backing are thin and can tear easily.
* Can be easily cut with scissors, paper punches, Xacto knives, cutting machines, etc.
* Material is not waterproof and cannot be used wet. It must be used dry. However, if you get it wet and then let it dry, it should still work.
* Works best with your typical strike-on-box safety matches. You can also use strike-anywhere matches, but they tend to require more strikes.
* Price differences are due to appearance, from very good (Plus) to decent (Basic) to poor (Clearance).
* Ships from Atlanta, GA, usually via the US postal service. Be on the lookout for your thick cardboard mailer!

It's natural and common for striker sheets to have small spots or blemishes, especially around the edges, but some have more than others. Price differences are solely due to appearance; they all function the same. This is not sandpaper. These are not grades. There also is no professional or industry standard when it comes to this material. We created these categories based on the inventory we've received over the years from different manufacturers. Most sheets look decent, while some look very good, and some look poor.

1. PLUS / Very Good looking sheets have some blemishes but most of the sheet is clear and smooth. Supply is limited.
2. BASIC / Decent looking sheets have many and/or larger blemishes but work just fine and are ideal for most craft projects. These sheets are the bulk of our inventory. We use a combination of the Basic and Plus sheets to cut our various match striker shapes.
3. CLEARANCE / Poor looking sheets have even more scuff marks and blemishes than the Basic sheets. They may or may not be ideal for craft projects, depending on how important appearance is to you. We mostly use these sheets to cut our various match striker shapes in the Blemishes 15% off section of our shop.





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