4" Matchsticks - Orange - Loose


Long 4 inch matchsticks for lighting whatever you desire with ease - candles, incense, cigars, fireplaces, gas stoves, grills - or creating matchstick jars for your friends or customers.

Stems tend to break easily, so strike gently, holding them from the middle.

Ships from Atlanta, GA, usually via the US postal service. Be on the lookout for your red bubble pouch.


These are sold in 2 categories: Opened and Inspected

It all comes down to how you want your end product to look, and how much work you want to do.


Opened (Quantity varies per bag)
* I remove the shrink-wrapping, open the boxes, and dump the matches into plastic bags.
* I do NOT count the matchsticks, so the quantity will vary just like they do in the boxes.
* Can usually ship out next day

Inspected (Sold in sets of 50)
* I remove broken, deformed, and/or discolored pieces.
* I check for length and remove short pieces.
* I manually count and repackage the matches into sets of 50. (Depending on the quantity you order, some bags may contain 100, just for ease of re-packaging.)
* More time consuming process; handling time of 1 to 3 business days still applies, regardless of shipping option.


I DO NOT offer bulk rates or discounts on the loose matchsticks due to additional time involved, even with 'opened' category.

However, I do offer a discount on the *unopened* matchboxes (10 or more), depending on availability. Message me for details and a private listing.


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