Match Strike Paper - Basic


* Price is per sheet; the image shows 3 sheets only to show color options.

* Approximately 8" x 11"
* Easy-to-peel adhesive backing; just peel and stick.
* Can be easily cut with scissors, paper punches, Xacto knives, cutting machines, etc.
* Both the match strike paper and adhesive backing are thin and can tear easily. You may need to use a sharp edge like scissors or tweezers to peel the adhesive backing off. Material also leaves a light residue so wash hands thoroughly after each use.
* Works best with your typical strike-on-box safety matches. You can also use strike-anywhere matches, but they tend to require more strikes.
* Price differences are due to appearance, from near perfect (Premium) to decent (Plus) to uneven appearance/lots of blemishes (Basic).
* Ships from Atlanta, GA, usually via the US postal service. Be on the lookout for your thick cardboard mailer!

The adhesive backing sticks well to paper surfaces, but customers tend to get mixed results with glass, metal, wood, or other surfaces. Start with a small quantity first, and be prepared to use additional glue if necessary, like Elmer's or Gorilla Glue. Try out samples before purchasing a large quantity; see link at bottom.

It's natural and common for striker sheets to have small spots or blemishes, especially around the edges, but some have more than others. Price differences are due to appearance. PREMIUM/Excellent sheets are generally smooth with few blemishes. PLUS/Good sheets have more blemishes but most of the sheet is clear and smooth. In both categories, supply is limited; replenished with new inventory twice per year. BASIC/Fair sheets have many and/or larger blemishes but work just fine and are ideal for most craft projects.


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