Inventory Schedule: February - Green. March – Black, Black on Black. April - 11" black tips in both white and black boxes. Matches in the white boxes are from a different manufacturer than the decorative boxes, and the matches are not the same size. We are slowly phasing out the decorative boxes from HomArt and will create our own designs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE US POSTAL SERVICE IS STILL VERY DELAYED RIGHT NOW, EVEN WITH PRIORITY EXPRESS SHIPPING. WE SHIP OUT ASAP, BUT PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL TIME FOR YOUR PACKAGES BE SCANNED AS "ACCEPTED". SOMETIMES THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. ALSO MANY PACKAGES ARE SCANNED AS "DELIVERED" BUT SHOW UP DAYS LATER. THE NEXT MOST ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE SHIPPING METHOD IS UPS GROUND. MONITOR YOUR TRACKING LINKS CLOSELY AND ALERT US OF ANY DELAYS.

Large Glass Match Holder Jar - Scalloped Square Striker


Get rid of that ugly matchbox or lighter that you've got sitting next to your pretty candles. Our simple, elegant glass match holder keeps your matches handy and blends in with any decor. It also functions as a match striker via the shape featured on the front. Think of it as a glass matchbox. Just strike your match against it and light up!

Think ahead. This is the ULTIMATE stocking stuffer! 

  • 1 lb 9 oz
  • 6.5" H x 3.5"
  • Includes 4" matchsticks
  • Includes 4 replacement strikers


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